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Kinda forgot about this thing. I'm doing alright. Got nothing to bitch about. So I'm gonna go watch Nip//Tuck.


I really want to meet new people. I'd like to have some legitimately GOOD friends. No more shit talking, pretending to care, etc... I think it'd just be nice. I'd like to have a best friend. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO DISSAPOINTING?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH

This is me complaining.

One of my "friends" has been kind of a DICK lately, so i've taken a break. I find out him and a few other of my "friends" had a night where they bshed on me. Anyways, I just want to say I hate how people are biased. It pisses me off that no one is loyal or wants the full story. Like maybe I have an actual reason to why I don't want to see someone, not just because they don't want to see me so I"ll talk a bunch of shit about them. I haven't even been talking shit about this ship wreck. Man. FUCK THE WORLD.

I annihilated my phone.

I have the HTC Touch Pro by Verizon. And I hate it. So I completely destroyed it. But I got a replacement phone today, so now everyone can contact me. Woo Hoo!!!


Okay I love making really fatty and greasy food for breakfast. For example, yesterday, I had hashbrowns with onions, sunny side up eggs with lots of cheese on top, and ham that I cooked with olive oil. Shit is delicious, but definitely something not to eat in the morning if you're trying to lose weigh. So today, I get to eat really gross yogurt. I don't like yogurt that much. I'm not a big dairy product kind of person. Yuckkkyyyyy. I'm also up really early, which I would have hated bout 3 months ago. I PASSED OUT at 6 last night and woke up at 6 this morning. My sleeping schedule is alll kindddaaa of fucked up. Like the other day I fell asleep at 3 and wokeup at midnight then didn't goto sleep till 8 later on that day. I think it's horrible. I also haven't drank since I guess... Friday? that's almost a full week. Which is surprising for me when I drink everyday. I hope I go out tonight. I need an energy drink or something. I wonder if my being depressed has something to do with the whole sleeping for 12 hours? Most likely... Later blog.

I'm getting tired of people.

This happens a lot. I hear more shit about people and I'm just like wtf. Or I see it for myself. And I wonder why the fuck am I friends with these people? I get over it, but it happens all the damn time. I constantly push myself away from people or care less. Is the world like this?

My opinion about Avatar and Daybreakers.

I just watched both movies this morning off the website www.INeedPopcorn.com.

Okay I heard Daybreakers was pretty dissapointing from a good amount of people, but I love vampires, so instead of wasting my money on a potential bad movie, I watched it online. And I'm sooooo happy I did that because all in all it was just an action movie. The story line was basically vampires somehow are at the top of the food chain. Even animals have turned into vampires. Which has never happened in any kind of super-natural movie. Anywho, the vampires are losing their food, who would have thunk huh? They're searching for a blood replacement or cure. And this random hemotologist figures it out cuz he doesn't really respect vampires. (Oh and the weird creepy vampires that mutated don't have super-human strength, they didn't have a big part in the movie, except for the cause for the mutation was from lack of human blood, and they could transform into the mutants in a matter of weeks, and by drinking vampire blood would increase the process). Basically the cure was through the sun and vampire blood. The hemotologist finds this random ex-vampire who figured out the cure to going back to humanity.

Basically, a vampire goes into the sun and flames up for a few seconds then has to go through water (like a watered down blanket) and poof the heart starts beating again. FUCKING LAME. And after that the human blood is like INSANE, so if a vampire feeds after you go back to being human, will turn the vampire into a humn. I thought this was kinda stupid.

Avatar got a lot of good ratings. All in all it was a good movie. There was action, romance, a little comedy. Good, solid movie. But it wasn't AMAZING. Like Star Trek. That movie was badass. But what I loved about Avatar was how beautiful the blue indians' world was. I love the theory of everything is connected. It's like Gya. If you're a hippie, you'll love that movie. I really felt emotionally connected to the blue people in the movie. I got a few tingles. Lol. I don't really want to blab about this movie cuz if you just happen to stumble across my page and read this and you haven't seen it, I would rather not spoil the movie cuz I think it's worth seeing.

Well, later people <33

Since I don't have any friends...

I think I'll use this to vent. And if you like something I've posted, cool, if not, close out of my page. Simple right?

Okay... I want to know why people are so obsessed with sex?
Like, why do people feel the need to fuck all the time? Does no one respect their bodies anymore? Is the mentality to fuck 5 guys in a month really okay? Am I too innocent? What is it?

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